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Playground Safety Inventory

The inventory and site survey function as the management baseline of the mater plan for playground safety and maintenance. The inventory will identify all the play equipment and indicate any items which require routine high frequency maintenance.

Playground Safety Audit
Soft Contained Play Audit Form
Traditional Play Audit Form

The playground safety audit is a detailed, intricate and careful examination of the playground and the individual pieces within the playground.? Audits are completed by NPSI certified Playground Safety Inspectors. Separate audit procedures are required for Contained play equipment and Traditional play equipment.

Audits include equipment inventory, a site survey, and completed Playground Safety Consultants Audit.

Audits are performed based on the recognized playground safety standards of care found in the US Consumer Product Safety (CPSC) Commission's Handbook for Public Playground Safety and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard F 1487-01 Consumer safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use.?

Playground Safety Inspections

Soft Contained Play Weekly Inspection
Soft Contained Play Monthly Inspection
Traditional Play High Frequency Inspection
Traditional Play Low Frequency Inspection

Inspection frequency is determined using the inspection frequency tool found on the attached link. Inspections are established to evaluate the playground wear at a particular site

High frequency inspections can be completed by your staff and uploaded to the online system.

Low frequency Inspections must be conducted on a regularly scheduled basis.?

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